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So you hate your job…

imageMaybe you hate your job, maybe you just know exactly what you want to do, and what your currently doing isn’t it. Is it time to move on? This article will help you figure it out.

You have to start with where you are.
If you are unhappy with what you have what makes you think you are going to be happy with something else. There is a difference between falling your desires and natural expression and moving to solve in internal emotional problem. If you feel a calling to do other work, you have to follow that calling. If you just have a big stack of complaints then its likely that you are going to carry those with you to the next place.


Put your heart into your current job. Resolve the conflicts. Ask for what you want. Offer your talents and Love generously. This might make the career change mute, it will give you practice so that when you get the dream gig you are used to giving your best and it will likely rally support for the transition from all your current connections.

Is your job really stopping you?
Most the time it is unwise to leave what you have before you start something new. You can be applying for jobs or starting a business with a full time job. Most of the time, when people think they can’t do something because they don’t have time or money it is actually because of a deeper obstacle like self doubt. But there does come a point when you have to let go of the old before there is room for
the new.


Rather than thinking about when you should quit, think about how you can start now. When your new persuits start demanding more of your attention and giving you the financial and spiritual fulfillment you are seeking, that is when its time to quit.

Exit strategy
One of the things that makes career transitions so scary is that people tend to feel either impulsive or impossible about the move. The leap without looking of they don’t leap at all because they are afraid to look. If you don’t get real and practical about it, the transition is always going to seem fantastical or terrifying.


Make a plan. Do the numbers and really know what it is going to take to make the change. Ideally, you will be able to make the change when you have the new gig established but if you know that your work is keeping you from moving forward, that may not be possible. Save, cut back on expenses, get a roommate, push your limits and enjoy it.

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