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Opinion: What Does Turkey’s Ruling Party Think of Sex?

President Barack Obama famously said that he solicits advice from Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his Turkish counterpart, about raising teenage daughters. He may want to reconsider, given a recent booklet for newly-married couples released by the local office of Turkey’s ruling party.

From Hurriyet Daily News:

The booklet…drew attention due to controversial suggestions it made, including advising young couples to “not talk during sex, because it could lead to their child developing a stutter.” The book also said a woman should be obedient to her husband, “remaining quiet and apologizing immediately when her husband is angry with her.” Elsewhere, it claimed that polygamy is “beneficial” as it “creates competition.” “A man married to a grumpy woman, instead of divorcing and having her plagued by another man, can marry another woman without having to divorce. This situation creates competition,” the book stated…

This booklet, which was distributed by the municipality for young married couples, is immoral. It says ballet and theater are centers for demons, that women should not exercise in sport centers and parks, encourages violence against women by saying that if you beat a woman, she will love and want you much more, and that children aged between 10 and 12 can be married to each other,” Hürriyet said.

To be fair, the government has since condemned the booklet but, given the scale of the educational purge which Erdogan has undertaken, and Erdogan’s own declaration that his goal is to raise a religious generation, perhaps it’s time to put diplomatic political correctness aside and ask:

Does Turkey really belong in NATO?
Even if Erdogan is removed, can Turkey recover from the damage of the indoctrination his government encouraged?

Michael Rubin

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